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Pneumatic couplings are the part that connects an air tool to a tube or a pipeline. It has a cylindrical structure with a bore that acts as a pathway for fluid to pass through. Based on the design and specification of each coupling model, there is a thread or knurls on its outer and/or inner diameter that allows for the connection to the other pneumatic components such as the air tube or the valve. The end that connects to the tube has a plug design, which renders an easy and quick connection/disconnection of the tube.  

The quality of the coupling determines the performance of the pneumatic system. It has to maintain a clear passage to let the air through and withstand the air pressure at the same time to prevent leakage. On this note, choosing the right coupling supplier is of great importance. SHPI is a leading pneumatic quick disconnect coupling manufacturer. We provide quality and reliable pneumatic couplings to our clients. Scroll down to learn more about our coupling products and leave us a message here if you need more information.