• Plastic Silencer PS
  • Plastic Silencer PS

Plastic Silencer PS

Model : PS

ㆍAdequate regeneration can prolong the service life of parts more effectively
ㆍTypical regeneration methods being used include:
    High-pressure cleaning/ Ultrasonic cleaning/ Chemical cleaning/ High-temperature cleaning

Max Pressure Operating Temp.
 150psi (10kg/cm2)  0°C - 80°C

Model Number PS-18 PS-28 PS-38 PS-48
Connection 1/8" 1/4" 3/8" 1/2"

ㆍPorous metal parts have their :
    High strength/ Uniform pore distribution/ High temperature resistance/ Anti-thermal-shock
    Easy fabricating/ Easy regeneration/ Longer service life advantages
ㆍSintered metal porous metals are usually provided for the following application:
    Gas, liquid and gas/liquid separation/ Gas dispersion/ Vibration and sound dampening/ Anti-combustion