• Quick Coupler 30MC male series

Quick Coupler 30MC male series

Model : 30MC-M

ㆍM-system quick coupler is extensively used in the US market and other areas (Middle East, France, Spain and South America).
ㆍM-system quick coupler includes traditional two touch type and push-in one touch type.
ㆍPush-in one touch type couplers are available for 1/4" ,3/8" and 1/2" body for different flow requirements.

Model Number Application
30MC20M 1/4" 58.4 1/4 NPT 8
30MC30M 3/8" 59.9 3/8 NPT 11
30MC40M 1/2" 60.9 1/2 NPT 14

ㆍTwo touch type
ㆍ3/8" body
ㆍBrass material
ㆍMax. working pressure: 300 PSI
ㆍPneumatic tools
ㆍAir hose/ tube
ㆍAir pressure equipment