• Quick Coupler UDC plug series

Quick Coupler UDC plug series

Model : UDC-P

ㆍSHPI Universal quick coupler is extensively used in European and American market.
ㆍPush-in one touch type inserting socket method.

Model Number Application
T (Hex)
UDC20P 5mm*8mm 58.8 14 13 4
UDC30P 6.5mm*10mm 64 5/8 18.5 5
UDC40P 8mm*12mm 65.5 19 20 6.5

ㆍPlug for MP, AP and OP series for American/ European market
ㆍBrass material
ㆍMax. working pressure: 300 PSI

ㆍPneumatic tools
ㆍAir piping
ㆍAir pressure equipment