• Hypretex High Pressure Sewer Cleaning Hose HSC-25

Hypretex High Pressure Sewer Cleaning Hose HSC-25

Model : HSC-25

ㆍInner Tube: Polyolefin tube

ㆍReinforcement: One or two braided of synthetic fiber

ㆍCover: Abrasion resistant orange Polyurethane color

ㆍTemperature Range: -40°C ~60°C (-40°F ~140°F)

Part Number Size Code
Tube I.D
Tube O.D
Max. Working Pressure
Min. Bursting Pressure
Min. Bend Radius
HSC25-10 10 5/8 0.96 2500 6250 3.9 0.19
HSC25-12 12 3/4 1.18 2500 6250 4.7 0.28
HSC25-16 16 1 1.46 2500 6250 6.1 0.4

ㆍMaterials: Constructed to provide rugged and reliable service under the most severe and demanding conditions
ㆍPolyolefin Tube: Provides maximum resistance to hydrolysis
ㆍHigh Tensile Synthetic Fiber Braids: Contributes to low volumetric expansion & eliminates loss of strength from moisture absorption
ㆍAbrasion Resistant Ether base Polyurethane cover provides exceptional cut, abrasion and fungus resistance
ㆍSlippery hose cover allows hose to maneuver around and through difficult sewer bends

ㆍUsed on high pressure sewer cleaning equipment
ㆍFor commercial, industrial and residential
ㆍSlick cover affords an easier handling hose to get the job done