• Quick Plug OP female series

Quick Plug OP female series

Model : OP-F

ㆍSHPI European System quick coupler is extensively used in the European market and other areas.
   (such as Russia, Eastern European countries and certain regions in the U.S.A.)
ㆍPush-in one touch type inserting method.

Model Number Application
H (Hex)
OP20F 1/4" 33.5 5/8 11 1/4 PT
OP30F 3/8" 37 19 12.5 3/8 PT
OP40F 1/2" 41 24 16 1/2 PT

ㆍBrass material
ㆍMax. working pressure: 300 PSI
ㆍPneumatic tools
ㆍAir piping
ㆍAir pressure equipment