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PU Tube (Ether Base)

PU Tube (Ether Base)

ㆍHydrolysis Resistant
ㆍExtremely Flexible
ㆍUltra Kink Resistant
ㆍExcellent Memory
ㆍVery Abrasion Resistant
ㆍLow Gas Permeability
ㆍBroad Resistant/To chemicals, water, fuel, oil and fungus
ㆍConforms to RoHS
ㆍPU tube supplier
Polyethylene Tubing

Polyethylene Tubing

ㆍGreater tensile strength
ㆍSuperior stress and crack resistance
ㆍTasteless and odorless
ㆍPuncture resistance
ㆍImpermeable to gasses and moisture
ㆍLight weigh
ㆍPE tube supplier