• F.R.L GLS 600 Series Lubricator

F.R.L GLS 600 Series Lubricator

Model : GLS-600

ㆍThe structure of oil dripping adopts gap seal type, which makes the adjustment of oil supply more reliable.

ㆍAdjustable ring for oil supply can only revolve for one circle. The quantity of oil supply basically takes on linear distribution. 

ㆍThe quantity of oil supply can be generally calculated according to the position of graduation ring.

ㆍSpecial drip nozzle structure will produce negative pressure in oil dripping outlet and the mist flow is minimal.

ㆍIt is available to add oil under pressure, and the oil bowl is large.

ㆍThe bracket can be selected for installation.

Model Number Fluid Port Size Pressure Range Proof Pressure Temperature Recommended Lubricant Oil Bowl Capacity Weight
GLS 600-20 Air 3/4" 1.5 - 9 Bar 15 Bar 5 - 60°C ISO VG 32 or equivalent 380cc 1060g
GLS 600-25 Air 1" 1.5 - 9 Bar 15 Bar 5 - 60°C ISO VG 32 or equivalent 380cc 1060g

Item / Model GLS 600
Oil Bowl PC
Body Aluminum Alloy
Distance Block TPU
Drip Pipe PC
Ejector Pin Brass
Indicating Ring POM
Adjusting Ring POM
Bowl PC
Sprayer Body POM
Sprayer Bottom Cap POM
Bowl Guard Aluminum Alloy

ㆍUse pneumatic tools and equipment.

ㆍRequire clean air to be delivered to your facility or workplace.