• Hypretex Hydraulic Hose series Micro Bore glide

Hypretex Hydraulic Hose series Micro Bore glide

Model : HMP-01

ㆍInner Tube: Polyamide

ㆍReinforcement: One braid aramid fiber

ㆍCover: Black high abrasion resistant polyurethane pinpricked

ㆍTemperature Range: -40°C ~93°C (-40°F ~200°F) limited to 70°C for air and water based fluids

Part Number Size Code
Tube I.D
Tube O.D
Max. Working Pressure
Min. Bursting Pressure
Min. Bend Radius
HMP-01 5/64 0.079 0.197 9100 27300 0.79 0.013
HMP-02 1/8 0.118 0.236 9100 27300 1.18 0.016
HMP-03 5/32 0.157 0.315 9100 27300 1.57 0.032

ㆍVery high pressure hose

ㆍHighly kink resistant

ㆍLight weight and very flexible

ㆍPressure test equipment and test points

ㆍCentral mini hydraulic equipment using capillary hose in confined areas

ㆍAutomotive roof opening systems