• Quick Coupler NC plastic guard series

Quick Coupler NC plastic guard series

Model : NC-PG

ㆍFor Japanese market, Asia, Russia, India, Brazil, New Zealand and Australia all use considerable quantities of this system.

ㆍA.K.A. :

                Air Quick Coupler / Quick Disconnect Coupling
                Quick Disconnector / Quick Connect
                Air Quick Coupling / Air Connectors & fitting
                Quick coupling / Pneumatic couplings

Model Number Material Application
NC20PG Steel 5mm*8mm 137 96 4
NC30PG Steel 6.5mm*10mm 5/8 89 5
NC40PG Steel 8mm*12mm 135 94 6.5
NC45PG Steel 8.5mm*12mm 135 94 6.5

ㆍTwo touch type/ Traditional type
ㆍSteel material with plated finish
ㆍMax. working pressure: 300 PSI

ㆍPneumatic tools
ㆍAir hose/ tube
ㆍAir pressure equipment